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Altius Learning is a premier Financial Advisor coaching and training organization.  We have significantly impacted the professional development and growth of thousands of advisors like you.  Our proven development strategies provide female advisors the edge to lead a more successful practice.  The Process:

  • Step I Practice Management Diagnostic: completed by the advisor and reviewed with an Altius coach before the workshop.
  • Step II Live Conference: with two focuses Enhancing Practice Management skills and Improving Client Acquisition success.
  • Step III 6-Months of Small Group Coaching: teleconference coaching sessions occur every other week. Each session is 60-minutes in duration and cover specific topics designed to elevate your practice.
  • Step IV Two Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Sessions: private sessions with your coach over the course of the 6-month program. These one-hour sessions address opportunities which are specific to your practice.

Why Women, Why Now?

Listen to Alane Siem a 37-year highly successful Financial Advisor and Wealth Management Executive speak to the developing opportunities for women in the wealth management industry :

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“Thanks for the encouraging words. I really enjoyed the coaching. Your focus on the mindset combined with practical tools sets your program apart from the many others out there. I look forward to keeping in touch.”-T.S. Wealth Management Advisor, Fresno, CA


“I really appreciate all the help you gave me this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed it! My successful beginning of the year is mainly due to the strategies you have taught me as well as the accountability.” -C.M. Wealth Advisor, Capitola, CA


“The difference is I’m pouncing when the moment is right, not waiting to be gifted with the asset.” -P.K. Financial Advisor, Stamford, CT


“I am a new mom and have a 2.5-year-old and really needed someone to help me be laser focused.  I have been to lots of training in the past, nothing has helped me like this coaching. When I am on a call with a client, I know exactly which questions to ask. When I am in a meeting, I know exactly what to do. I am not making more calls or working more hours, I am using the hours I have in a more focused way.  I looked up and had brought in $15MM over 4 months” –C.M. Financial Advisor, CA



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True to the core values of this event, Women in Wealth Management is organized by women, for women. Our team of talented female speakers and coaches are industry professionals, each with over three decades of experience. Our program is uniquely designed to give you insight into wealth management from a women’s view. Join us to learn how, as a women, your unique perspectives and experiences can leveraged to seize current and future opportunities.

Meet the women who are reshaping the world of wealth management and showing you how you can too.

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