Instructor Led Training

Our immersion series focuses on the specific tactics which lead to measurable improvement in practice profitability, productivity, and the creation of enterprise value. We draw our wisdom from a wide variety of people, experiences, and successes.

Our financial advisor training programs are deeply rooted in real-world practicality. We offer our clients a dynamic and focused approach to elevating all levels of a financial advisor’s performance, achievement, and fulfillment.

All of our programs have one thing in common: they are grounded in the belief that financial professionals who are truly motivated to succeed and achieve their true potential want access to the best tools, the best professional development and the best guidance the industry has to offer. For this reason, we have created our courses to address needs based on audience demographics and courses that provide greater depth of subject matter.


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instructorledtraining AIS

Acquisition Immersion System (AIS)

Add 5-10 affluent clients and $10+ Million to your practice in just one year!

A unique financial advisor training program based on proven techniques, the Acquisition Immersion System turns haphazard client acquisition into an easy-to-follow process guaranteed to produce results. This program includes a two day virtual workshop followed by seven bi-weekly coaching calls.

instructorledtraining RIS

Referral Immersion System (RIS)

How valuable would it be to your practice to generate 8+ qualified referrals in 3 1/2 months?

Converting half of those referrals to clients would provide 4-5 new affluent households over several months.  Using our processes, we show you how to generate 8+ referrals in less than 5 hours of your time.  Altius Learning has trained and coached thousands of advisors to acquire new affluent clients and we have found our client referral strategy is the most efficient approach to generate new relationships.

instructorledtraining TBP

Team Best Practices

More than half of financial advisors today work in some form of team environment and the numbers are rising.

The good news is that advisory teams are outperforming solo practitioners in all key performance metrics. The bad news is that most teams struggle and fail to reach their potential with less than one in five reaching elite status.

Team Best Practices Immersion System will give you insights into the methodologies utilized by the very best teams in the business.  You’ll learn the 7 Team Best Practices and how to seamlessly integrate them into your practice in ways that will help you build a smarter, better advisory team.

instructorledtraining PVS

Providing Value Series

Our Providing Value series are designed to be part of a larger organizational meeting or event.

Altius Learning has created a series of five programs to assist advisors with the acquisition of new clients and assets in a virtual environment. Our approach is tactical and practical, each program provides advisors with actionable steps they can implement immediately in their practice. The Providing Value Strategies:

  • Client Referrals
  • Transitioning Affluent Personal Relationships
  • Assets Away and Expanding Wallet Share
  • The Power of Niche Marketing and Prospect Pipeline
  • LinkedIn