NEW: The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor Team

Best Practices from Top Performing Teams

When exacting clients, high expectations, and the need to grow define your job, you need to be at the top of your game. That’s why more and more financial advisors are pooling resources to meet demand and joining teams in the process.

Yet many advisory teams fail to reach their full potential. Why do some teams soar while others struggle? The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor Team takes you inside some of the highest functioning teams in the industry, uncovering the best practices that fuel success. Start, tweak, or rethink your own team by learning how to:

  • Select the right structure
  • Agree on a team vision and a plan to achieve it
  • Define individual roles and responsibilities
  • Retain top performers through thoughtful, results-based compensation
  • Save time and effort by crafting efficient processes for every key task
  • Catapult revenue with wealth-management offerings that clients will pay a premium for
  • Expand your practice with great marketing

By implementing effective team-building strategies and building a highly functioning team, you’ll gain more affluent clients—and serve them better—than you ever would alone.

The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice

A Proven System for Becoming a Top Producer, Second Edition

The second edition is updated throughout and contains new strategies for acquiring affluent clients and assets by providing Wealth Management services, using social media and “Alumni Marketing,” targeting successful realtors as clients, and much more.

Using the method he has taught at Merrill Lynch and is famous for in the industry, author David J. Mullen, Jr. shows how anyone – no matter where they are in their career – can get the appointment, convert prospects to clients, build relationships, retain clients, use niche marketing successfully, and increase the products and services each client uses.

Packed with templates, scripts, letters, and tried-and-true Market Action Plans, the book provides readers with the tools and guidance they need to take their financial services practice to the million-dollar level and beyond.

The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor

Powerful Lessons and Proven Strategies from Top Producers

The best financial advisors are well equipped to succeed regardless of market conditions.

Based on interviews with fifteen top advisors, each doing several million dollars worth of business every year, The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor distills their universal success principles into thirteen distinct lessons. Each is explained step-by step for immediate application by veteran and new financial professionals alike.

The lessons cover: * Building and focusing on client relationships * Having a top advisor mindset * Developing a long-term approach * Specialization * Marketing * And much more.

The book also features two complete case studies. First there is the “best of the best” advisor whose incredible success showcases the power of all the book’s principles working together in concert. The second is an account of a remarkable and inspiring career turn around and demonstrates that it’s never too late to reinvent oneself.

Brimming with practical advice from the author and expert insights from his interview subjects, The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor is a priceless success tool for any and all financial advisors.

So Many Books...So Little Time

So how does an advisor decide which book to read?

Which book will not only be an engaging read, but provide more than advice? Which book will present practical and relevant content in the form of tactical techniques and tools?

The answer comes not from us, but from a wide variety of industry experts who have reviewed most of the financial services books on the market today and have compiled their own bestseller book lists.

Both The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice: A Proven System for Becoming a Top Producer and The Million Dollar Financial Advisor: Powerful Lessons and Proven Strategies from Top Producers authored by David J. Mullen, Jr. consistently appear on the top industry reading lists:

  • AdvisorOne “Top Five Best Books for Advisors”
    • AdvisorOne compiled data from The New York Times business best sellers list,, Barnes & and Nielsen BookScan at The Wall Street Journal online.
  • “Top 10 List”
    • #2: The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice
    • #3: The Million Dollar Financial Advisor
  • Financial-Planning Magazine: “Essential Summer Reading List for Financial Advisors”
    • The Million Dollar Financial Advisor is listed on the 2012 Essential Summer Reading List.
  • Accounting Today:
    • It’s a Wonderful Life’s George Bailey wishes for a million dollars, but he’d have been wiser to wish for The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice, since it would show him how to build just that.”
  • Agent’s Sales Journal:
    • “Mullen’s book (The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice) can serve as a helpful resource for financial professionals who have the motivation and desire to build and maintain a solid business model.

Dave’s books have also been featured in:

  • Broker Dealer Journal
  • Research
  • Investment News

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