Our Experience

Altius Learning works exclusively with wealth management professionals. 

Our niche is precise – practice management with an emphasis on client acquisition for financial advisors and their leadership team.

We show wealth management professionals how to turn their potential into peak performance. It’s what we do. It’s all we do.

Our individual and group financial advisor coaching approach is different from others because of our experience and our unique brand of inquiry-based coaching. We talk less, listen more and guide learning programs that are conducted as engaging discussions rather than passive lectures. Our focus is on the primary drivers of advisor success: new business acquisition, practice management disciplines and how to work on high performance teams.

In any profession, knowledge matters. But knowledge alone won’t guarantee success. Clients don’t pay advisors for what they know, they pay them for what they do. At Altius Learning, we show advisors how to put their knowledge into action the same way top advisors do – by being personally accountable to their own success.

To be the best, you must learn from the best. At Altius Learning, we make that possible. We know what works, why and most importantly, how to do it because we did it ourselves in our highly successful financial careers. 

We speak your language, understand your pain and see your opportunities. You will connect with people whose empathy for and understanding of the advisory profession is unmatched in the financial advisor coaching world.

Altius Learning coaches average 30+ years of experience as top performing advisors, managers , mentors and thought leaders at some of the largest, most respected financial institutions in the world. 

Our coaches are second to none in the depth of their knowledge and breadth of experience. We have changed the careers and lives of thousands of successful financial advisors by showing them how to accomplish what others can’t or won’t do.