We Develop Million Dollar+ Advisors

9%. That’s about the percentage of financial advisors who are hired and ultimately generate at least $1M in yearly revenue. 

For elite advisors earning a net income of $1M or more, the percentage shrinks even lower – to around 2%. 

These numbers beg the question:  Why do some advisors succeed while the majority are challenged to hit these industry bench marks?

We know why.  We’re Altius Learning and we’ve been providing training for financial advisors and helping them build Million Dollar+ Practices for over a decade.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Focus is Narrow

Wealth Management Professionals Only

Altius Learning works exclusively with wealth management professionals. Unlike other firms, we do not engage in executive or life coaching. Our focus is precise-practice management with an emphasis on client acquisition for financial advisors and their leadership teams. We show wealth management professionals how to turn their potential into peak performance.

Our Approach is Unique

Our individual and group coaching approach is different because it is inquiry-based. This means our coaches talk less, listen more and guide learning programs that are conducted as active, engaging discussions rather than passive lectures. We focus on the primary drivers of advisor success: new business acquisition, practice management disciplines, and how to effectively work on high performance teams.

Our Perspective is Powerful

In any profession, knowledge matters. Unfortunately, knowledge alone doesn’t guarantee success. The reason why is because clients don’t pay advisors for what they know. They pay them for what they do. At Altius Learning, we show advisors how to put their knowledge into action the same way top advisors do – by being personally accountable for their own success. 

Accountability is a key component of our coaching. We help you set clear, attainable goals and hold you accountable to completing the tasks and meeting the deliverable timeliness that empower your success. Our coaches provide you with all the tools, resources, and support you will need to consistently generate higher levels of revenues. You’ll learn the same accountability skills utilized by elite advisors so that you can bring your best work to every client, every time.

Our Methods Are Proven

From our more than 30+ years of research and practical experience, we have created prescriptive tools, step-by-step instructions, scripts, checklists, schedules, and metrics all designed for you to implement immediately. Through insight, continuous reinforcement and accountability, these programs have been documented to achieve measurable, sustainable results. 

Our financial advisor training and coaching programs shorten the learning curve because they bridge the knowing-doing gap. We show you how to align knowledge with action in ways that will create exceptional value to your clients and prospects.