Our Coaching Philosophy

The Women in Wealth Management program is different than other business development programs because we bridge the gap between knowing and doing. From our research and years of practical experience, we have created prescriptive tools – step-by-step instructions, scripts, checklists, schedules, metrics –all designed for you to implement immediately. Through insight, continuous reinforcement and accountability, our programs achieve measurable, sustainable results. We equip financial advisors to grow their practice; create value for their clients; and enjoy a lasting and rewarding career. Our proven formula for success includes:

  • Training – We teach you how to put proven acquisition strategies into practice.
  • Coaching – We help you overcome the inevitable challenges of implementation.
  • Accountability – Together we set monthly goals and milestones you commit to meet.
  • Sustainability – We give you the tools to keep applying the system’s techniques long after you’ve completed the training.

A Four-Step Process

Our four-step process is combines the proven strategies from Altius Learning with the expertise of our female speakers and coaches to offer a unique program tailored to female advisors.

Step I  Practice Diagnostic

Prior to the conference, participants will complete the practice management diagnostic questionnaire. This worksheet gives the coaches and in depth view into your practice, enabling them to identify and target specific areas for improvement during and after the conference.  Your input will be an important part in the collaboration of establishing an information baseline reflection of your practice. An Altius coach will review this diagnostic with each participant prior to the conference in order to design, implement, and execute a plan addressing the specific needs of each participant. The diagnostic questionnaire is organized to gather information about your practice in the following areas:

  1. Tell Me About Yourself
  2. Key Metrics of Your Business
  3. Core Elements of Your Practice including:
    • Client Acquisition & Development
    • Practice Management
    • Wealth Management

Step II – Conference

Attend the live conference in Chicago from October 3rd – 5th. The conference has two primary focuses: 1) Enhancing Practice Management skills and 2) Improving Client Acquisition success. The combination of general and breakout sessions during the conference will allow you to select specific topics of interest. This conference features several industry professional speakers and many opportunities for networking.

 Learn More about the Conference

Step III – Six Months of Coaching

During the conference, participants will be divided into small cohorts based on the information provided in the diagnostic questionnaire. The purpose of these cohorts is to group advisors with similar goals and provide targeted content, designed to elevate an advisors practice, during each session. These teleconference sessions occur every two weeks for six months, each being 60-minutes in duration. Each session is structured to identify the areas of development that can lead to breakthroughs—and new types of success.

Altius Learning has hosted thousands of small-group coaching sessions in recent years and we’ve perfected the process to provide maximum value to our participants. Our coaching programs bring a unique focus to improving and refining the daily habits that can drive success. We’ll ask you to step out of your comfort zone and commit to a rigorous approach that will help you “groove” new ways of thinking and acting.

Step IV – Two One-on-One Coaching Sessions

In addition to the group coaching sessions, you will participate in two 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of the six month program. These one-hour sessions address opportunities which are specific to your practice. Your coach will offer advice on situations, provide feedback on accomplishments, and hold you accountable for completing tasks and achieving goals.


Coaching Cohorts for Success

While both cohorts will cover many of the same topics, we have designed the coaching process around two main focuses for improvement. You will participate in a cohort with emphasis on either Asset Acquisition or Practice Management. Unsure about what the right fit for your practice is? Don’t worry, your coach will recommend a cohort based on your practice diagnostic discussion.

Asset Acquisition

The most successful advisors apply seven fundamental acquisition strategies. If you’re ready to find, engage and acquire new affluent clients and assets, the Acquisition Acquisition emphasis cohort is for you. The cohort with an emphasis on Asset Acquisition will teach you these tactics and help you put them into practice for career-changing results. They include:

  1. Personal Referrals: Develop a proactive referral system that turns your acquaintances and clients into your personal sales team.
  2. Professional Referral Network: Learn how to implement the five-step process to becoming the go-to financial advisor that CPAs and attorneys refer to their clients.
  3. Event Marketing Discover: how to organize special events that attract potential clients.
  4. Niche Marketing: Use our four-stage process to choose a specialty and beat the competition.
  5. Right Place, Right People: Employ proven strategies to transition your affluent personal contacts into clients.
  6. Assets Held Away: Add millions to your practice when you apply our four-part technique for persuading clients to transfer their assets to your management.
  7. Pipeline Management: Learn how to build a pipeline of 50 quality prospects from which you’ll generate 10 new affluent clients every year.

Practice Management

The most successful financial advisors apply six fundamental strategies to maximize their productivity. If you’re ready to make significant improvements in efficiency and productivity for your business, the cohort with emphasis in Practice Management is for you. The Practice Management emphasis cohort will teach you the fundamental tactics and help you apply them to your business for benefits you’ll see almost immediately. They include:

  1. Business Planning Develop: a detailed plan for your future. Set goals and determine the steps to reach them.
  2. Segmentation: Learn and understand the biggest productivity lever by organizing your practice appropriately.
  3. Business Efficiency: Expand your client relationships by improved focus and increasing your best clients’ wallet share.
  4. Service Model Deliver: superior service and cultivate unwavering loyalty from your clients.
  5. Team Best Practices: Lead your team to function at its highest level.
  6. Time Management: Eliminate distractions, delegate more and focus on activities that affect your bottom line.



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