Tactical Methods

We retain 10% of what we read; 20% of what we hear. But we retain 80% of what we do.

Learning Methods

Our programs are focused on the “doing”. We provide techniques and tools that financial professionals can immediately implement in their practice. We know that everyone has a different learning style, so we use a variety of teaching and coaching methods in our programs. Regardless of the method, however, everything we do is focused on changing behavior in order to improve performance. We emphasize application of the tools and techniques utilized by the most successful professionals in the wealth management industry.

Experience and Research Based

By leveraging our network of top-performing advisors in the field and our own firsthand experience, we get real time information about what’s working and what’s not in today’s market – which translates into new tactics that continuously benefit all of our clients.

Tactical and Relevant Techniques

From our research and years of practical experience, we have created prescriptive tools – step-by-step instructions, scripts, checklists, schedules, metrics –all designed for you to implement immediately. Through insight, continuous reinforcement and accountability, our programs achieve measurable, sustainable results. We equip financial advisors to grow their practice; create value for their clients; and enjoy a lasting and rewarding career.