Case Study #7: Partners: 28-Year Veteran (#1) and 9-Year FA (#2)


Partner #1: “I was in the Air Force and met a wholesaler that got me interested in the financial services industry. I started at a wealth management firm in 1983, then left for another firm in 1987. ”

Partner #2: “I had an FA father, so this was all dinner table talk. I’ve always been interested in helping people with their finances. I worked for a consulting firm first, but it wasn’t a good fit. Then I joined my dad’s team.”

Goals and Challenges

“We both work with our Altius Coach together. We started last November and determined from the outset that we wanted to take our practice to the next level. We were bumping up against some issues that needed outside eyes and expert direction.”


Partner #1 “We’re working on several things: goal-setting, role delineation, time management, metrics to track successes, failures, and peer competition.”

Partner #2 “Accountability is the most valuable element. Since he checks in on a monthly basis, he keeps us accountable to our growth goals. Otherwise, I doubt we’d continue progressing.”

Performance and Practice Changes

Partner #2 “We’re slated to be up 13 to 15 percent this year which is attributed to new assets. As a result of our Altius coach, I feel we have more direction than before. Everyone is on the same page and that’s been really important. Our assistant joins us in our coaching sessions and helps keep us moving in the right direction during interim coaching visits.”

Advice to FAs Considering Coaching

Partner #1: “Talk to Altius Learning to see if they are a good fit, then go for it. I think it’s important to have to have the same mindset, values, and ethics as your coach. I gladly give my Altius Coach the highest marks. The coaching is well worth the money and time and we are committed to a long-term engagement.”

Partner #2: “We’re believers in coaching as a philosophy, however, coaching is most valuable when your coach understands what you do and why. We felt that we got that with our coach right away because he’s been an FA and managing director. He got right to the core issues because he’s walked in our shoes.”