Case Study #5: Partners — 30-Year Veteran and 16-Year Veteran


“I met my Altius coach in 1986. Back then he asked me when I was going to become a million-dollar producer. With his guidance, I mapped out a plan and achieved my goal within 3 years. At the time, it was rare for a female advisor to achieve such a goal.”

Goals and Challenges

“I went to one of [my Altius coach]’s presentation and told him my performance was lousy. I’d recently experienced two failed partner acquisitions and ended up splitting the business between my daughter and I. It was a low point for both of us and we knew we needed to make some major improvements.”


“Instead of concentrating on production, we’ve been focusing on acquiring new clients by getting out into the community more. The referrals have been successful and we have several major new prospects coming up.

My coach recent said, ‘You’ve met all these people, why aren’t you following up?’ It’s easy to become overwhelmed and procrastinate. That procrastination is shortened or lightened if we have the right people in the office doing the right things. Our Altius coach is extremely good at saying, ‘Share your follow up process with each other.’ He takes names and holds us accountable!

We’re exceptional at referrals, but not the follow-up. My daughter has learned the same behavior from me. Our Altius coach has guided us in implementing effective follow-up strategies which have now become a strength for us.”

Performance and Practice Changes

“In February of 2009, we were on target for $600,000; a 75 percent drop in what we had been doing, and we needed to turn it around. We started working with Altius in August.

In 2010, we did slightly over $1 million; in 2011, it was $1.4 million and we’ve grown it from there.

We’ve always been very driven and prefer to work with a coach who can eliminate the fluff. That has been our experience with Altius.

Our coach is excellent at eliminating the frustration that family dynamics can bring. He’s wonderful at relationship-building — with our team and with our contacts. He does not have you bear your soul and then tell you that time’s up. Rather, he is personally vested in our success.”

Advice to FAs Considering Coaching

“Sign up for Altius coaching. You won’t regret it.”