Case Study #4: 30-Year Veteran

The Industry

“I like this work because I can deal with anyone in the world; there’s no territory in this business.”

Goals and Challenges

“I started working with my Altius Coach because I felt like I needed someone outside my firm to help me. He understands my challenges. His experience has opened my eyes to doing things outside of the box, instead of following what the other 90 percent of Advisors are doing.”


“We’re talking about prospecting, cultivating CPA relationships, managing my client book and teaming aspects (role assignments, goals, and objectives). He is keeping me focused on the right things. His breadth of experience in the industry and in coaching people of this business is extremely valuable.”

Performance and Practice Changes

“In a short time, I’m up over 30 percent. I’m still working to be more efficient, to manage my time better and I’m opening up other areas of prospecting. These are all a result of my coaching experience.”

My Altius coach keeps me honest and motivated. It’s nice to have the unvarnished truth — whether I’d like to hear it or not — from someone who can’t hire or fire you. He’s not tied directly to my business, so there’s no conflict. His only vested interest is that I grow my practice, that I’m happy with my practice, and that I’m happy with my life.”

Advice to Advisors Considering Coaching

“I’ve already recommended a couple of people who are now his clients. I’m a big believer in Altius.”