Case Study #3: Team: 33-Year Veteran; 36 Year-Veteran


“I’ve spent 20 years as a manager in compliance and as a branch manager. I joined the (independent firm) because I liked [their] philosophy and how their conservative, traditional approach to clients. I really enjoy the financial industry — every day is different and there is much to offer.”

Goals and Challenges

“My partner and I have been working with Altius for 18 months. I was first introduced to Altius when when I spoke with their future principal in the 2000’s. Later they presented to another event I attended, and as a result of both those positive experiences, I inquired about training and coaching. My partner and I wanted to take our business to the next level and we knew we needed help to do it.”


“Altius was able to re-instill a sense of personal pride that made us share what we’ve accomplished. We came from the old school where you don’t ask for referrals. Altius taught us to deliver a concise, client-centric request for referrals based upon our exception track record and service model.

Altius encouraged us to start and lead a business advisory group which acted as a professional alliance. It now has 26 others in non-competing industries: CPAs, lawyers, high-end landscape design and real estate advisors, and representatives for pro athletes. We share referrals and build relationships with this amazing group of people. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet these folks. I believe I’ll be close to them outside of work for the remainder of my life.

Performance and Practice Changes

“We had many contacts that we weren’t reaching out to. We are now able to articulate with confidence who we are, what we do, and how our solutions will help our clients meet their goals. In fact, our practice has gone up 30 percent. ”

Advice to FAs Considering Coaching

“Our Altius coach genuinely cares. It’s amazing because he is one of the true success-veterans of our industry. We’ve received personalized attention that is so important to the change process and we are privileged to call him a friend.”