Our Perspective

We strongly believe in the value of superior coaching and professional development. Why?


  • The best financial advisors want to make a difference, not just a living
  • Serving clients well is the best way to create a growing, lasting, valuable practice
  • Financial professionals who are truly motivated to succeed and achieve their true potential should have access to the best tools, the best professional development and the best guidance the industry has to offer
  • Training that isn’t disciplined and isn’t measurable isn’t worthwhile
  • Generally, we learn most and achieve best when our feet are held to the fire
  • Training that works is based on tools and techniques that have worked for real advisors in the real world
  • The best advisors know they need to bring their best game on the worst days as well as on the best days
  • Being a financial advisor is no longer a sales job, it’s an advisory job
  • There is no substitute for rehearsal and training
  • Even the best coaches have a coach