Volunteer in Your Community

Work with Nonprofits to Meet Affluent Prospects

Nearly every city has nonprofit organizations that provide resources for the benefit of residents. Volunteering with any of these groups is both a good way to give back to your community and also an effective marketing strategy for your financial advisory business.

Affluent individuals are frequently involved in nonprofits. Often they are retired and have time to direct their energy toward causes they believe in. Advisors who become active in those nonprofit organizations can develop relationships with those affluent individuals. Over time, advisors have the opportunity to expand that personal relationship to one of business.

Organizations can include performing arts, charitable boards, local business groups like the chamber of commerce; service clubs like Kiwanis and Rotary clubs; religious associations; and alumni clubs. To make the most of this strategy advisors should be prepared to do the following:

  1. Have a strong interest in the organization – be passionate about it
  2. Be committed and take a leadership position in the organization
  3. Develop personal relationships with affluent individuals that are also very involved in the organization
  4. Let these affluent individuals know that you are an advisor – Don’t sell, just inform
  5. Be prepared with your transition language when the inevitable opportunity arises

Concept Application

Jack has always been involved with the university he graduated from. As a financial advisor, he focused his efforts on helping the university raise money for its endowment.

He has served on the foundation board for several years and, as a result, developed relationships with the other alumni, including some of the largest donors to the university. Over the years, some of those large donors have become his most affluent clients and also his best source of referrals.

Take Action

While nonprofit marketing can be and effective strategy, it’s not something you can do casually. You need to invest time and be sincere in your efforts to help the organization.

If you don’t already have a nonprofit community group in mind, start by identifying causes you are passionate about. Perhaps you are a classical music enthusiast and wish to support your city’s symphony. If you like working with your hands, building homes with Habitat for Humanity might appeal to you. Other possibilities are groups like the United Way, YMCA, Red Cross, and American Cancer Society.

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