Unleash the Power of LinkedIn

Are You Looking For New Clients In All The Wrong Places?

Unleash The Power Of LinkedIn
If you’re not already using LinkedIn to promote your financial practice, you might want to consider building your spreadsheets on stone with a hammer and chisel.  It will be more indicative of how far your marketing efforts have fallen behind the times.

LinkedIn By The Numbers
If you are one of the remaining few who wonder if LinkedIn is relevant, think again.  The numbers being reported by LinkedIn and independent industry sources are more than convincing.  They are mind blowing:

  • 500 million members
  • 260 million users log in monthly with 40% using the platform daily
  • 61 million are senior level influencers and 40 million occupy decision-making positions

And that’s just a start.  LinkedIn’s goal is to reach 3 billion people worldwide and its performance is trending favorably in that direction.

If you are among the legions of financial professionals who already embrace and utilize the platform, chances are you’re probably not taking full advantage of all the opportunities LinkedIn offers to grow your practice.

Learn LinkedIn Strategies and Tactics
Like all virtual, interactive communities, navigating successfully across the LinkedIn landscape requires a certain level of expertise and experience specific to the platform. You can task yourself with acquiring these competencies or you can get help from marketing gurus who have carved their niche in the LinkedIn environment.  Regardless of which path you choose, the more you tap into the functional capabilities of what LinkedIn offers, the more you will be able to access its many opportunities.

The internet teems with information about LinkedIn.  Google the search phrase “LinkedIn tips” and you will find over 1 billion results.  Narrow the search to “LinkedIn tips on acquiring new clients” and Google will serve up over 5 million references to consider.   There is a seemingly endless number of websites, articles and videos online that explain how to connect smarter and network better with business professionals and companies that can benefit from the products and services you offer.

Tell The Real Story Of You
The type and quality of content you provide on LinkedIn is a key to success.  If someone is researching you online, chances are good they will come across your LinkedIn profile.  That’s why it’s critical for your profile to favorably stand out.  Many LinkedIn members err by assuming a sterile, resume-type profile summarizing education and work experience is all that’s required.  That’s part of it, but it won’t differentiate you from the thousands or even millions of others just like you on the network.  Rather than just try to fit in, your objective should be to stand out on LinkedIn in ways that captures the attention of your target market.

So how do you stand out from the maddening crowd?  The answer is simple.  You let your profile do the talking.  Never forget that in the virtual world of LinkedIn, you are still dealing with real people – human beings who thirst for more information than what company you work for or what products or services you offer.  They want to more know about you, the person.  The story you tell and the way you tell it is your opportunity to stand out and be noticed.  Tell your story in a narrative voice, using a tone and style that authentically mirrors who you are in real life.  Write in the first person and share not only your professional insights but what drives you personally so that you can connect with people on a rational and emotional level.

Your LinkedIn Content Is Your Virtual Business Card
Take time to review the profiles of your competitors.  Identify what they say well and then try to say it better in your own words.  Include any blogs, articles or visuals you created that enhance your credibility with your best prospects.  Instead of attempting to be everything to everyone, narrow your messaging to the people who can benefit most from what you have to offer.  Become a storyteller that provides informative, engaging information and the opportunity to network and build relationships with ideal prospects will expand exponentially.

Create your LinkedIn profile as if you were having an actual conversation with someone you were meeting with in person for the first time.  Let your professional expertise and experience shine but make sure your personality pulsates throughout your Linked presence with equal clarity.   Do this and you will find yourself linked in with a funnel of prospects that will power your financial practice up to the next level.

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