Unleash the Power of Goal Setting

Goal setting is a common denominator shared by all top advisors. Every advisor dreams of success but those who achieve it understand that goals are dreams with actionable plans and specific timelines.

Goals Are Your Roadmap to Success

Setting clear goals is a “mindset” quality that is an easy one for any motivated advisor to achieve. The best advisors set both short and long term goals and they become the compass points by which achievement is measured. Long term goals of five years or more can be broken down into smaller, annual goals. Once the annual goal is determined, it should be broken down into weekly goals that together, add up to the annual goal. Achieving a succession of short term benchmarks will keep you motivated and less likely to stray from your long term goals.

Goals Focus Energy and Effort

Exceptional success is not an accident. It is the result of exceptional effort, energy and passion. Successful advisors are steered by goals that challenge them to study more, train longer, and work harder. Henry David Thoreau said “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” It’s why many top adviors often reinvent themselves because each stage of goal achievement contributes to a higher level of business. The disciplines they acquire become magnets that attract new opportunities and open doors that allow them to serve the specialized needs of a niche clientele.

Become a Visionary

Goals allow you to focus your energy in positive directions. Visualize what you want your practice to look like now and in the future. Your vision may not be perfectly clear, but it will become a starting point to a career path that will distinguish you from the norm and make your goals not only believable, but achievable.

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