Training Testimonials

What Experienced Advisors are Telling Us…

  • “My team and I ended 2018 with $20,012,632 in net new assets and 8 new priority households. 2019 has started out very challenging on the production front but we have YTD net new assets of $4,079, 079 and 2 new priority households. We are still using the tools you counseled on and still conducting our Team Acquisition meeting every Friday morning which is separate and apart from our regular Team Business meeting held on Monday mornings. Thanks for your guidance and hope you have a wonderful year!”
  • “Altius set the bar to assist FA’s in moving to the next level og growth. You moved us out of our comfort zone to create more successful productivity”
  • “I had no idea the connections I had and how much I would love the business development portion of the business”
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for your training program and update you on a win I had yesterday. As a part of your training I became aware that increased contact was needed for my best client and potentially best clients. I instructed our team to just put these people on our calendar semiannually so we HAD to get in front of them.Yesterday a good client ($4m liquid & $4 illiquid with $2m here & $2m at another firm) who previously told me he would never consolidate came in for his first ever semiannual review. “What would we talk about?” I wondered all day. I just saw him 6 months ago! I pulled out a 2010 statement from the other firm (its nearly impossible to get a new statements from him) and reviewed it. I remembered you once said to provide advice on external assets as if they were already here and eventually the money would move. My team told me this was a wild goose chase. Literally, they said that to me. I had them reviewing a 7 year old statement of a muni portfolio for any little update we could provide. I don’t blame them.Then I noticed that most of these 5% coupon munis were callable in 2018-2019. I instructed my team to list the bonds by year an show their current income. At the meeting we told the retiring client they had a $30,000/ year problem ($1m in bonds possibly dropping from 5% coupons to 2%) and we knew how to solve it if it happened. Pretty soon they provided their 2017 statements from the other firm and we discovered they still owned all of these bonds! Not only that, but that new statement showed bad bets on volatility and energy stocks over the last 3 years. The advisor made money for three years while the client lost money.

    By the end of the meeting the clients, who had been adamant they would never consolidate, happily signed ACAT papers to do just that. I was in shock. I didn’t even have ACAT papers ready for them. Ha!

    Thanks again for the idea.”

  • I just wanted to pass long some feedback from our recent Practice Management Immersion Program.  My belief is that process comes before the numbers, so I’ve always been of the opinion that practice management – how an advisor actually runs the business – counts.  In the highly regulated, highly competitive world in which we live today, I believe it takes on even more critical importance.  The Practice Management Immersion Program is a terrific framework, with specific, actionable ideas, on how to run the business – from business planning to service model to efficiencies to time management.  The fact that the material is presented by people who have actually sat in the FA chair adds further credibility.  I also appreciate the format of how the program is presented.  Unlike many coaching programs that are conducted in one day, there are scheduled and systematized follow up conference calls.  Because this program is designed for experienced Financial Advisors, who are often resistant to change, the follow up calls provide an important reinforcement of the lessons learned, as well as a measure of accountability.  Ultimately, it is not what we know, it is what we do….In fact, at a recent Peer Group Meeting of some of my Top Producers, one team specifically credited their coaching with Altius as to one of the reasons their business has become more streamlined and why they are experiencing meaningful growth.Thank you for your continued partnership and for a job well done!
  • “The Financial Missionary mindset is great! I really works.Being in the business as long as I have, and especially having lived in the same town for 20 years and involved in my kids’ lives here, people always say things like “I should have you take a look at my portfolio,” etc. This is always said in passing, like at a football game or bake sale, and then the moment’s gone and I NEVER pounce on it. I always let those moments go because I didn’t want to pry into friends’ finances. It happened again last week with my kids’ voice coach, and this time I took control of the moment and asked for the statements, which are now forthcoming. That would have NEVER happened without Altius. The best part is that it wasn’t even awkward. I now think it’s more awkward if I DON’T ask for the statements. My friends have probably felt insulted all these years.”
  • “I have already had success with the Assets Held Away Process.  So far I have two clients that are going to be adding assets to their accounts.  One will be adding just over $1,000,000, the other $550,000.  Great session, great info!”
  • “As I believe we all know, this is a marathon and not a sprint.  I know that your plan is to start us out of the blocks at a strong gait, and I appreciate all that you have done to help us continue to build our practices.  We look forward to a tremendous amount of success as we continue to employ your tried and true acquisition/practice management techniques.”
  • “Since the beginning of the year we have added 14 million of net new assets of which half are fee based-the other half are part of a 401k plan with an asset trail of 40bps. You and your coaching has really accelerated our growth and our expectation is 15 million in new net fee based this year and 15 million in 401k plans. Thanks again for all your help-we couldn’t of done it without you and your team!”
  • “Valuable presentation—after 27 years, I needed this reminder of what I should be doing, and I am going to refine and augment my current behavior.”
  • “This should give me the model to produce $1 million by 2015 – thanks.”
  • “Loved the ‘how tos’ and script wording.”
  • “Real examples and reinforcement of what makes a successful practice.”
  • “Well done–well worth the time. Excellent.”

What New Advisors are Telling Us…

  • “WOW – you packed six months of training into two hours. I will spend hours digging through the books to make sure I don’t miss anything.”
  • “The organization of the process – probably the most valuable training session I have attended. This framework is exactly what is needed.”
  • “This is the best of all presentations for PMD’s getting started. Much appreciated!”
  • “Thank you for putting together an invaluable process to become a Million Dollar Producer.”
  • “The Growth Lever Checklist and Time Management tools – just what I needed!”

What Managers are Telling Us…

  • “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You were a huge hit today and really made a difference! I’m already getting great feedback.”

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