The Practice Management Immersion System for Experienced Financial Advisors

Scale Your Business

As a seasoned financial advisor, you’ve spent years focused on obtaining clients and serving their needs. You’ve hired talented people who work hard. You’re doing well but know you could be doing better. In many ways you feel maxed out.

You no longer have time to actively market your services. A significant portion of each day goes to administrative issues and other activities that don’t improve your productivity. You’re maintaining but what you’d rather see is growth.

What’s the next step? How can you scale your business further? What should you do to take your business from where it is today to the next level?

Altius Learning has the answers you seek.

Tap Your True Potential

The Altius Learning Practice Management Immersion System is for people like you who’ve already become accomplished in your profession but still have untapped potential.

In this program you’ll learn to leverage your time for the greatest gain. You’ll discover how to improve processes, increase productivity and streamline your efficiency. Most importantly, you’ll build the foundation for a practice that can accelerate your growth every year.

Six Tactics Proven to Work

The Practice Management Immersion System is based on six fundamental strategies used by the nation’s most successful financial advisors. We’ll teach you strategies and provide you tactics to improve your productivity. They include:

  1. Business Planning – Develop a detailed plan for your future. Set goals and determine the steps to reach them.
  2. Segmentation – Learn and utilize the biggest productivity lever by organizing your practice the right way.
  3. Business Efficiency – Expand your client relationships by improved focus and increasing your best clients’ wallet share.
  4. Service Model – Deliver superior service and cultivate unwavering loyalty from your clients.
  5. Team Best Practices – Lead your team to function at its highest level.
  6. Time Management – Eliminate distractions, delegate more and focus on activities that affect your bottom line.

How the Practice Management Immersion System Is Different

Making significant changes to your business is never easy. It’s one thing to listen to ideas; quite another to put them into practice. The Practice Management Immersion System is designed to help you apply the concepts you learn. Through constant reinforcement of the major principles and constructive feedback delivered in a supportive environment, you’ll obtain the results you seek. Our proven formula for success includes:

  • Training – Learn how to put proven productivity strategies into practice.
  • Coaching – Overcome the inevitable challenges of implementation.
  • Accountability – Set challenging but achievable goals and be held accountable for them.
  • Motivation – Stay focused with encouragement from an experienced coach.
  • Sustainability – Continue to apply what you’ve learned long after you’ve completed the training.

Learning and implementing new processes is challenging. Our Practice Management Immersion System helps you work toward making those abilities become second nature.

Expert Instructors

The Practice Management Immersion System instructors have been highly successful financial advisors and experienced managers. They are talented professionals, each with 25-30 years of experience at top companies in the financial services industry.

They have hired, trained and mentored hundreds of financial advisors, many of whom have managed Multi-Million Dollar practices. Their insights come from first-hand experience and personal observation in the field. They know how top financial advisors build their businesses and will share those best practices with you.

Elements of the Practice Management Immersion System

  • Objective – Increase the productivity of your practice; position your business for dynamic growth and enhanced efficiency and creating scale.
  • Group Size – 10 to 12 motivated financial advisors
  • Experience Level – Minimum three years as an advisor
  • Methods – We combine an interactive workshop with group coaching sessions which are focused on the execution of six proven practice management strategies.
  • Practice Management Workshop – One day workshop that presents strategies and best practices for achieving maximum productivity
  • Implementation Coaching – Six 75-minute sessions biweekly beginning two weeks after the Practice Management Workshop. Group coaching reinforces management strategies, while providing specific implementation techniques and guidance in overcoming challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Practice Management Immersion System is for me?

If you’ve been a financial advisor for at least three years and need direction on how to get to the next level, you’ll find this training will make a significant positive difference in the growth, productivity and efficiency of your practice.

Your program includes a one-day workshop and six 90-minute sessions. That’s a considerable investment in time. Is all that really necessary?

This program is all about applying what you learn and using proven practices that will serve you well throughout your career. Change is never easy. We find you get the best results when that change takes place over time and is guided by experts who support your efforts.

Why should I invest time in a program on how to run my business when I’d rather be focused on attracting more clients?

Increasing the productivity and efficiency of your practice will create more time to implement your acquisition strategies.

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