LinkedIn Profile Summary Template

Your LinkedIn Profile Summary section is your “30-second pitch” and should answer questions that a potential prospect may have in mind. Your writing should be professional, but not boring. Let your passion shine and if a little gentle humor or irreverence fits your personality, go for it. The goals of this are to showcase:

  • What you do and who you do it for
  • The value you offer buyers
  • What differentiates you
  • Proof that you can deliver on your promise
  • Explain what industry you work in and how you help clients in it
  • Your Creativity
  • Your personality

The first step to success in your profile summary is to First Define Your Value Proposition. A value proposition can be created by following these five steps:

  1. Determine the four things in your practice that you are most proud of. These should help define your practice by showing your differences and value.
  2. Determine the resources and value that your firm provides your clients. These should be your firm’s competitive advantages.
  3. Tailor your value proposition to your ideal client.
  4. Using the information culled above, develop a value proposition in 100 words or less that shows how you are different and the value you provide. Practice delivering this value proposition in a professional, concise and impactful way.
  5. Build your practice on delivering your value proposition every day with every client.


Your LinkedIn Summary area is the first (and sometimes only) chance you have to impress prospects. It’s critical that you get the tone and text of this area just right, so that it attracts your ideal audience & movies them through the buyer life cycle. The idea behind it is simple – to make your LinkedIn Summary area what I call “client-facing,” meaning it’s all about what you can do for your customer rather than reading like a virtual résumé. Your writing should portray a confident tone of voice and sharing your ability to make a significant difference in the financial lives of your clients.

Template “What I Do & Why I Do it”

Your summary section will be broken out into 3 Sections:

  1. “Who I Am”
    1. 2-3 Sentences
    2. A sentence about what motivates you professionally and what that means for customers.
    3. One or two sentences summing up your career to date.
    4. Be authentic in explaining who you are and why you enjoy what you do.
    5. Demonstrate your extensive expertise by listing specialties.
    6. Share personal interests to increase your likeability factor.
    7. “I am a TITLE OF YOUR ROLE and have been helping clients achieve their goals for [Years of Experience] I am driven by SOMETHING YOU CARE ABOUT and take pride in THE RESULT OF THE SERVICE YOU OFFER.”
    8. “Experienced [TITLE OF YOUR ROLE] with a demonstrated history of working in [NAME OF INDUSTRY] Skilled in LIST SPECFIC SKILLS. Strong Financial professional graduated from [NAME OF UNIVERSITY].
  2. “What I Do ”
    1. Answer the question, “What makes you unique/different/better than similar vendors or competitors?” [XYZ years of experience? Certifications/Patents/etc.? Personal, 1-on-1 attention and Customer Service/Support?]
    2. Explain Your process – we start with a free evaluation, we first meet via phone to discuss your needs, etc., or we perform XYZ services for you, etc.
    3. At COMPANY NAME, we deliver BENEFITS OF YOUR SERVICE and pride ourselves on providing solutions, that meet or exceed our valued clients’ goals & objectives.
  3. “Who I Work With”
    1. Speak to your target market let them know how much you care about them
    2. “I work with IDENTIFY TARGET MARKET and focus on helping by addressing SPECIFIC NEEDS as they go through SPECFIC CHALLENGES YOUR TARGET MARKET FACES.
  4. “How To Get In Touch” (Optional)
    1. Contact details and best channels to get in touch – the same things that you’d include on your business card.
    2. Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn, email me at [EMAIL ADDRESS], visit us online at [WEBSITE URL] or call me direct at [PHONE NUMBER].
  5. Special Characters
    1. If you would like to distinguish these sections use Characters such as the ones below. These characters can be displayed on LinkedIn and can be copied & pasted from below:
    2. ●  ★   ☛ ►   ۞   •   ☼      ◊   ♦   ◘   ♫   ■   ▬  ╔


The Advisor of Your Dreams

My clients hate [task or challenge 1] and [task or challenge 2], but that’s okay because I’m there to [how you help them complete these tasks or resolve these challenges].

I [awesome thing you do / your expertise] and [other awesome thing you do]. I also know how to [sub-expertise items or related activities], and my philosophy when it comes to it all is [your philosophy].

If you’re looking for [traits that you aren’t], we might not be a fit, because in my experience [said trait] doesn’t lead to [the outcome you love delivering]. My clients like to [way you  work ] and [other way you work] and that’s my style too.

[Client type]? [Client type]? [Client type]? Ready to [the thing you help clients achieve]? Let’s connect and start talking!