LinkedIn Follow Up Message Templates

Follow Up Message Option #1


Hi [First Name]  – I found this article on [Topic of Interest to Prospect] and I thought it would be of interest to you. I particularly found [Specific topic of interest to Prospect] because of its effect on [Specific Client Challenge]. Enjoy!



Follow Up Message Option #2


Hey [First Name]  –  We have been touching base here on LinkedIn for a while now, it would be great to learn more about [Area of Interest]. Do you have time for a call this week?



Follow Up Message Option #3


Hey [First Name]– I have been following [Prospect’s Company Name] for awhile now and noticed [Trigger]. Are you interested in [Your Offerings/How You Can Address Current Challenge]?


Follow Up Message Option #4


Hey [First Name]–  I just saw your post about [Post Topic] and I really loved [Detail from the Post]. Have you considered [Your Specific Offerings]?


Follow Up Message Option #5


Hey [First Name]–  Thanks for connecting! I found your experience at [Past Experience] very impressive. Was wondering if you have ever considered [Offer an idea related to your services]. Look forward to staying in touch!