For you those of you in leadership roles, the end of the year is always a scramble as we race through the finish line, wrap up loose ends, and start the planning for next year. Many of you probably hold a “kick off” program for your office or market area typically done early in the calendar year. Now is the time to start the planning for such an event. My checklist for planning always included the following:

  • Decide upon an appropriate venue to secure booking
  • Develop a theme for the program that is consistent with the firm’s focus and initiatives for the next year and aligns with your local market story
  • Start a file of how to recognize people in as many ways as possible during the program
  • Draft your outline of a keynote you plan to deliver from the leader’s chair
  • Identify and reserve schedule dates with potential speakers to include on your program (this is critical as the best ones will schedule out quickly)
  • Gather feedback and perspective from your boardroom leaders on how to make the program beneficial and well received by attendees
  • Identify top advisors to include on the agenda. Advisors always prefer hearing from other great advisors above all else
  • Talk with key business partners within your firm. They can give you good guidance by this time of the year on what is being planned for next year, as well as, direct you to plenty of approved PowerPoint slides that you can incorporate into a presentation that helps reinforce your firm’s vision and strategy
  • Assess the costs for the event and identify potential external partners that are best aligned with supporting the program. Determine now their expected role on the agenda so they, too, can schedule their best speakers and secure the necessary compliance approvals from your firm
  • Good luck and start early on this as you will save yourself the last minute scrambling to get the best program content and speakers possible!

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