Keynote Speeches

Our one-hour keynote speeches are designed to be part of a larger organizational meeting or event. We provide 4 different Keynotes that are designed to have a big impact on audience in a 1-hour time frame.

Four Levers to Build a Million Dollar Practice

In this keynote session we explain that to reach a million dollar practice the advisor must run a more productive practice. Simply working more hours isn’t enough the motivated advisor must work smarter and more productively and this is accomplished through the leverage of their time. In this session we share the four levers that the motivated advisor must apply to their practice to reach a million dollar and ultimately a multi-million-dollar levels.

Six Coaching Strategies that Always Work

As professional coaches our success is based on the success of the advisor’s that we coach – if they are successful we will be successful. Through our decades of experience as managers of advisors and professional coaches we have determined that there are six coaching strategies that always work and that we use with all of our clients. In this keynote we reveal what these strategies are and how advisors can implement them into their practices.

Seven Business Development Strategies

In this session we share 7-business development tactics intended to stimulate financial advisors to re-think their practice’s growth strategy. We challenge financial advisors to grow their practices by 15% a year, and while ambitious, this achievable goal will result in a doubling of their business every 5 years.

The seven business development tactics include:

  • Client Referrals
  • Professional Referral Network
  • Event Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Right Place – Right People
  • Clients Assets Held Away
  • Prospect Pipeline Management

Customized Key Note

We develop many customized key note speeches based on your targeted group and purpose.  Through our customized approach, we will work together to discuss your goals prior to the event.