Foundational Training

This training segment is for new financial advisors who are in their first or second year in the business. The training is designed to provide new advisors with the tactical processes that, when applied, will build the foundation for a successful financial services practice. Topics covered include: vision, motivation, goals, niche marketing, marketing contacts, appointments, and converting prospects to clients. This training segment is covered in a half- day session. The training concepts are based on the book, The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice. A handout package will be provided, which contains all the scripts and tools required to implement the foundation building strategies.

Vision. Advisors must “see” what is required to build the foundation for a million-dollar practice. This business is not intuitive. This training will provide new advisors with a proven blueprint with which to channel their talent, motivation, and energy.

Motivation. This training segment provides the advisor with the tools needed to deal with the inevitable rejection that occurs when building a new practice in financial services. Having the right mindset and deep motivation is required to execute the blueprint that will lead to a successful practice.

Goals. To build the foundation for a million-dollar practice, the right infrastructure must be built. That involves the right combination of affluent clients, assets, velocity rate, and prospects. This segment breaks the million-dollar infrastructure down into annual and monthly goals, and provides a timeline on reaching a million-dollar practice.

Niche marketing. Specialists are more successful than generalists when marketing in this business. Affluent investors want to work with someone who can relate to their unique needs. This training segment focuses on guiding new advisors to develop four to five different niche market plans that include scripts, qualified names, and the approach to be used. This preparation sets up the effective execution of these different niche market plans every day. In this segment 15 different niche market plans are covered to help the advisors select the four to five that fit them best.

Marketing contacts. This business is about selling trust. That starts with building relationships with affluent prospects, and an initial face-to-face meeting is indispensable. This session provides a marketing contact that has four essential parts that, when applied, will increase the percentage of contacts-to-appointment ratio.

Appointment. This segment describes the four objectives the advisor should use to get the most out of every appointment. The focus is on asking the right questions to build rapport, gather information, and set up the second appointment.

Prospect to client. This segment provides a process designed to convert prospects to clients. This process positions the advisor to take advantage of the fact that most clients are underserved by their current advisor. This segment focuses on the tactics required to build and maintain a strong pipeline of prospects.