The Acquisition Challenge

The acquisition of new affluent clients has been and will continue to be the greatest challenge for financial advisors. Every wealth management professional wants a steady influx of affluent clients but experience shows only a small percentage of them actually achieve their acquisition goals.


We understand the challenge firsthand. We know from our experience that choosing the right acquisition strategies is not the issue. Advisors know what works. Where they stumble or fail is in the implementation phase. Despite the benefit of countless training sessions and access to a myriad of books and articles on how to implement strategies, most advisors find the acquisition of new clients to be a daunting, uphill battle.

Bridging the gap between “knowing what to do” and actually “doing it” is the solution. No strategy implements itself. Strategies work only when executed by advisors who employ precise disciplines and specialized knowledge that leaves nothing to chance. We have identified five critical factors that make the transition between “knowing” and “doing” not only possible, but probable.

There are some advisors who are capable of successful acquisition utilizing only their own motivation and sustainability. They are the exception, not the rule. For the vast majority of advisors, all five factors must be applied to achieve consistently good acquisition results.

In the Altius Learning Asset Acquisition Immersion System (AIS), we have incorporated these five essential factors into a training and coaching program for your select financial advisors. The AIS program is not easy. It will challenge your advisors to leave their comfort zones and modify their behaviors in ways that will have a significant impact on their asset growth.

Change only happens when you break old habits and your role in providing the sustainability that allows it to occur is essential to the success of this program. The information that follows is rich in content, but it has been designed and organized to make the process of sustaining the momentum we create to be as easy and efficient as possible.

At Altius Learning, we are confident you will appreciate the resulting growth of your advisors practices and your enterprise’s business.


The Acquisition Immersion System for Experienced Financial Advisors

Add 10 affluent clients and $10 million-plus in just one year!

If you’ve been a financial advisor for at least three years, you know the most successful financial advisors do one key thing better than their peers – acquire affluent clients. With what looks like minimal effort, they somehow attract a steady flow of new business.

They seem to know plenty of wealthy people and get loads of referrals. They’re always at the right place at the right time. They land big clients and parlay each new contact into even more new business.

It’d be easy to write off their success as good luck or some other unearned advantage, but you know there’s probably more to it than that.

If you’ve ever wondered what techniques top advisors use to find and connect with quality prospects, the Acquisition Immersion System is for you.

A System for Success

A unique training program based on proven techniques, the Acquisition Immersion System turns haphazard prospecting into an easy-to-follow process guaranteed to produce results. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find more prospects
  • Convert contacts into clients
  • Get more referrals
  • Persuade existing clients to put more assets under management
  • Repeat the process over and over with increasing success
  • Stay the course so improvements snowball and revenue soars

With our guidance, you should be able to add at least 10 affluent clients and $10 million-plus to your practice in just one year!

Apply What You Learn

The Acquisition Immersion System is different than other business development programs because we bridge the gap between knowing and doing. Our proven formula for success includes:

  • Training – We teach you how to put proven acquisition strategies into practice.
  • Coaching – We help you overcome the inevitable challenges of implementation.
  • Accountability – Together we set monthly goals and milestones you commit to meet.
  • Sustainability – We give you the tools to keep applying the system’s techniques long after you’ve completed the training.

In this program, you’ll soon find the task of attracting clients to your financial advisory practice isn’t all that daunting. The clients are out there. When you employ the right system and stick with it, you’ll see results!

Expert Instructors

Instructors of the Acquisition Immersion System have been highly successful financial advisors and experienced managers. They are talented professionals, each with 25-30 years at top companies in the financial services industry.

They have hired, trained and mentored hundreds of financial advisors, many of whom are million dollar plus producers. They know how top financial advisors acquire affluent clients and will share those insights with you.

Program Elements

The Acquisition Immersion System consists of a one-day workshop to cover the key concepts. It is followed by six one-hour, group coaching sessions held every two weeks. These sessions provide specific implementation techniques and guidance in overcoming any challenges.

Group size is limited to 10 financial advisors with a minimum of three years’ experience as a financial advisor.

Build a Prosperous Future

The competition in the financial advisory field continues to grow. The challenge to find high quality, affluent clients gets tougher every year.

Don’t waste another minute doing dreadful cold calling or some other random method of prospecting when you can employ the proven Acquisition Immersion System and see immediate, measurable results.

Put your financial advisory practice on track for long-term growth and success. Take the first step today by contacting Altius Learning to request our detailed brochure on the Acquisition Immersion System.

 View our Acquisition Immersion System brochure

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