The Virtual Acquisition Immersion System

Find Engage and Acquire Affluent Clients

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve established a solid foundation for your financial advisory practice. And you’re earning a decent income. But now you’re realizing the search for new and bigger clients is never-ending, and it doesn’t necessarily get easier.

Here’s the good news. Advisors who have success acquiring new clients aren’t born; they’re trained. They don’t rely on luck; they use proven tactics. They don’t just work hard; they work smart. The Virtual Acquisition Immersion System by Altius Learning will teach you winning strategies that can add 10 new affluent clients and $10 million-plus to your practice in just a year and sustain that pace going forward.

Our virtual program begins with two, 3-hour highly interactive workshop sessions conducted over 2-days. The sessions are led by an Altius expert and are followed by 3+ months of intensive coaching. The Immersion System is an ideal way to fully benefit from the considerable acquisition opportunities that exist in the current environment. It is also a good option for firm’s that have remote office locations in which travel logistics can be challenging.

Seven Proven Acquisition Strategies

The most successful advisors apply 7 fundamental acquisition strategies. The Acquisition Immersion System will teach you these tactics and help you put them into practice for career-changing results. They include:

  1. Personal Referrals: Develop a proactive referral system that turns your acquaintances and clients into
    your personal sales team. 
  2. Professional Referral Network: Learn how to implement the five-step process to becoming the go-to
    financial advisor that CPAs and attorneys refer to their clients.
  3. Event Marketing: Discover how to organize special events that attract potential clients. 
  4. Niche Marketing: Use our four-stage process to choose a specialty and beat the competition. 
  5. Right Place, Right People: Employ proven strategies to transition your affluent personal contacts into clients. 
  6. Assets Held Away: Add millions to your practice when you apply our four-part technique for persuading clients to transfer their assets to your management. 
  7. Pipeline Management: Learn how to build a pipeline of 25 quality prospects from which you’ll generate 10 new affluent clients every year.

Why the Acquisition Immersion System is Different

Ask most financial advisors how they can grow their business, and they’ll provide you with a long list of ideas. Ask them how many of those ideas they regularly implement, and you’ll likely only get excuses.
The Acquisition Immersion System is different than other business development programs because we bridge the gap between knowing and doing. Our proven formula for success includes:

Training: We teach you how to put proven acquisition strategies into practice.

Coaching: We help you overcome the inevitable challenges of implementation.

Accountability: Together, we set monthly goals and milestones you commit to meet.

Sustainability: We give you the confidence and tools to keep applying what you’ve learned long after you’ve completed the training.

“In the five years that I’ve been coached by Altius Learning, my business has experienced over 130% growth, including a doubling of AUM and an increase of 130% in annuitized assets. Without a doubt, Altius Learning has been the best investment I’ve made in my 30 years as a financial advisor.”

R.W. Managing Director

“Altius Learning helped me focus on what I do best and identified five ways for me to acquire new clients. The accountability of having a coach was a great motivator and provided discipline each month to keep me on track. Altius Learning’s tactics are tried and true and easy to implement. Since I started working with them, I have consistently been in the top quintile for new households, net new assets and new fee- based business.”

M.L. Vice President Investments

“The client acquisition strategies taught to me by Altius Learning work. Over the last three years I have established 24 new relationships and acquired $34 million in new assets. I am more focused, organized and aware than ever in this regard. We are now implementing new strategies to increase these results even further!”

M.T.P. First Vice President - Wealth Management

Elements of the Acquisition Immersion System

Objective: Significantly increase new affluent client acquisition results with a goal of at least 10 new affluent clients and $10 million-plus in one year

Group Size: 10 to 12 motivated financial advisors

Experience Level: Minimum 3 years as an advisor

Methods: Combination of video conference workshops, 1:1 and group coaching sessions focused on execution of 7 proven acquisition strategies 

Acquisition Workshop: Two, 3-hour virtual workshops conducted over 2 separate days. These sessions provide the baseline for achievement of acquisition goals *Participants must join by video conference

Implementation Coaching: Seven, 1-hour sessions every 2-weeks beginning 2-weeks after the workshop. Group coaching reinforces acquisition strategies, while providing specific implementation techniques and guidance in overcoming challenges

Accountability: Each advisor sets annual acquisition goals and participates in 12 months of bi-monthly reporting, measuring results versus goals

Sustainability: Action steps that local leadership can take to assist their advisors in continuing to implement the acquisition strategies

Ready to Grow? If you’re ready to find, engage and acquire new affluent clients and assets, the Acquisition Immersion System is for you. You’ll be able to apply the strategies you learn to your business right away and set up your practice for long-term growth and prosperity.

Put your practice on the growth track that you know is possible. Speak with your manager for dates and specifics on the Acquisition Immersion System, coming soon to your complex.