As a financial advisor trying to grow your business, hosting events can be a great way to enhance relationships with your current clients and meet qualified prospects.

Does the idea of planning an event sound intimidating?  It shouldn’t.  It doesn’t have to be a big production.

Events can range from a market update meeting held in your office conference room to a dinner at a restaurant, a cocktail hour at your home or even a weekend golf game.

Mingling with your clients at your event gives you the opportunity to know them better and gain their loyalty.  It also provides a way for you to meet their friends and family.

Concept Application

William hosts “market update events” for his clients once a quarter.  Between 50 and 100 people attend.  He spends time educating his clients and recommends investment strategies for the current market environment.

To attract prospects to his events, his client invitations say: “We have reserved 10 seats for client referrals.  Please let me know if you have friends, coworkers or neighbors who could benefit from our services, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate them.”

In those two sentences, William makes it clear that he is looking for their name and contact information to “send you a follow-up packet.” Along with the packet, William will include an invitation for an initial, complimentary discovery meeting.

Take Action

Follow these simple steps to plan your first event:

  1. Determine the venue and focus of the event.
  2. Invite your clients with strong encouragement that they bring a guest.
  3. During the event, be sure to interact with your clients and get introduced to their guests.
  4. Let guests know they’ll be hearing from you soon.
  5. Send all guests a follow-up packet that includes an offer for a complimentary consultation.

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