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Take on the challenges of the financial services industry with our comprehensive video coaching service. In this series, David Mullen, a 30-year veteran of the industry, shares the tactics and practices for success that he’s learned and developed over years of working directly with many of the financial industry’s top advisors. Each video is customized to apply directly to the stage your practice is currently in. No matter where you are in your career, this training system will help you build on your existing practice and guide you towards creating a million-dollar business.

For only $149, you’ll get a year’s access to any one video in our series, in addition to a comprehensive resource guide. We are also including an audio file version of the program that members can download and listen to at their convenience. To take advantage of our entire video coaching program, you can also get a subscription to all three videos for just $299. Sign up today to take your financial services practice to the next level!

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dvd1-iconVideo 1: Building the Foundation
Recommended for new financial advisors with less than 3-years of experience, the first video in the coaching series will help you build the foundation of a million-dollar practice and start your career off with the right tools for success.  Subscribe to this Video
dvd2-iconVideo 2: Taking Your Practice to the Next Level
Recommended for financial advisors with at least three years of experience, the second video in the coaching series builds on the tactics and insights shared in the first to help you take your business to the next level and transform it into a million-dollar practice.  Subscribe to this Video
dvd3-iconVideo 3: Lessons From the Top Financial Advisors
Recommended for experienced financial advisors who have reached a high level practice.  The third video in the coaching series will help you expand your existing successful practice and build a multi million-dollar business.  Subscribe to this Video


Have the Best Job
in the World.

Financial advisors have freedom and flexibility in their work and make a positive difference in the lives of others— all while having a financially rewarding career.


Building a Million-Dollar Practice
Isn’t Easy.

You’re not born knowing how to create a successful, million-dollar financial advising business. In fact, the odds are against you—8 in 10 people starting out won’t make it to the level you’re hoping to reach. But with the right blueprint for success, you’ll be ahead of the game.