Unique Value Proposition

The investing public sees very little differentiation among advisors in the marketplace today. These affluent individuals are asking the same questions: Who are you? What can you do for me? Why should I trust you to manage my wealth? How are you different from every other financial advisor I meet? These are the core questions that a financial advisor needs to be ready for—with answers that clearly articulate how you are different and better than your competitors.

How confident are you in your answers?

Why Value Proposition Matters

When we look at the differentiating factors between the successful and the highly successful financial advisors, we see one glaring difference. The highly successful advisor not only has a well-crafted, highly defined value proposition, they know how to articulate it. This is the primary reason why we include developing your value proposition in our 1:1 Coaching. How will a clearly articulated value proposition help you and your clients?

  • A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It describes the primary reason a prospective client should retain you
  • A value proposition explains how your product or service solves your clients’ problems and improves their situation
  • It quantifies value and describes how your services deliver specific benefits
  • It tells the ideal client why they should engage you over your competitors

Dynamic value propositions are very difficult to create and execute. 

It’s a laborious, painstaking process but one that yields amazingly powerful competitive advantages when applied correctly. The good news is that financial advisors who are able to develop a dynamic value proposition enjoy a significant advantage over their competition.


Altius Learning has developed a proprietary process which will help you clarify who your ideal clients are and how you can connect with them emotionally, rationally, and experientially in ways that communicate the unique value that you deliver to them.

This tool allows you to define and articulate your practice in ways that make you stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. Your Altius coach guides you through an in-depth discovery process to assist you in creating your world class Value Proposition.

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