Lessons From the Top Financial Advisors

The best way to learn is through training from the most successful people in the industry. Lessons From the Top Financial Advisors gives you access to the success principles that top advisors share to help you attain your goal of creating a multimillion-dollar business. Recommended for experienced advisors that have already built a successful practice and reached a high level of performance.

Section 1

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Learning from the best in the business


What makes a top advisor?

Success Principles

The 13 success principles that top advisors share

Asset Challenge

Building a business plan to successfully integrate tactics and success principles

Meet the Top Advisors

15 role models who have built multi-million dollar practices from scratch

SP1: Mindset

How you view your business

SP2: Bigger is Better

Leveraging the size of your client relationships

SP3: Professional Growth

Developing yourself as an advisor to meet client expectations

SP4: Specialization

Staying competitive by developing a specialization

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SP5: Relationships

Put the personal relationship-building first, and the business second

SP6: Marketing

5 ways top advisors market their practices

SP7: Professional Network

Developing a professional referral network to access affluent clients

SP8: Non-Profit Leadership

Gaining access to affluent contacts through non-profit connections

SP9: Long-Term Orientation

Taking a long-term approach

SP10: The Team

Creating a successful vertical team

SP11: Wealth Management

Creating a comprehensive plan to meet your clients’ needs

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SP12: Great Service

Making your clients feel special

SP13: Time Management

Managing your time to ensure client satisfaction

Proactive Referrals

Using satisfied clients to get new prospect referrals

Referral Network

Developing your professional network to find new prospects

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Client Events

Organizing events to build relationships and meet new contacts

Niche Marketing

Identify and develop your natural market

Right Place/Right People

How to convert personal relationships into business relationships

Section 5

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Nonprofit Leadership

Gaining access to affluent contacts through non-profit connections

Expanding the Relationship

Increasing the business you do with existing clients

More Assets from Clients

Getting more out of existing relationships

Monthly Client Contact

How to integrate tactical strategies in a systematic method

Client Retention

Creating a world-class retention strategy for satisfied clients

Managing the Pipeline

How to effectively manage prospects

Time Management

Executing the tactical strategies every day

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Adding it all up



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