1:1 Coaching 6-Month Option

This shorter-term coaching engagement is for successful advisors who have a specific area of focus or high priority need, such as your value proposition.

It is an intense program for those who want to break away from the pack and are looking for a coaching experience tailored to their needs, with the goal of elevating their practice to an elite level.


The process begins with an in-person baseline practice assessment conducted via diagnostic questionnaire of the advisor’s practice. This allows us to determine and prioritize the needs or challenges to be addressed.

Our 6-Month 1:1 Coaching program utilizes the same tools and techniques of the full year 1:1 Coaching offering, but is more targeted in its focus and provides for a narrower dive into the key area of an advisor’s needs.

Role of Coach:

The coach sets an action plan for each call. We offer advice on situations, provide feedback on accomplishments, and hold the advisor accountable for completing tasks and achieving goals. The coaching is based on our deep experience, and the research of Million Dollar Advisors’ best practices.

Number/Duration of Sessions:

The first session starts with an in-person meeting with the coach.  Subsequent meetings take place via scheduled calls, usually once  month for 6-months.  Each call lasts 90-minutes.  The calls are focused on the execution and implementation of the business plan.  Each call is followed up with a written summary of the discussion and a list of action steps to be completed within the month.

Coach Access:

Advisors can contact their coach for assistance with specific situations as they arise. The advisor and the coach work out a communication plan.

Length of Coaching Contract:

6 Months, however, participants may elect to extend to the annual option.

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