Build Your Referral Pipeline With Centers Of Influence

Target These Referral Sources to Get Qualified Prospects

One of the best ways to build your practice is to align yourself with other professionals who have potential to refer quality clients to you.  CPAs and attorneys, for example, are great referral sources.  But how do you get on their radar?

Your best strategy for gaining their confidence and getting their referrals is to aim for an in-person meeting.  Call these professionals and say, for example: “My name is Charles and I work for XYZ Financial.  I would like to have the opportunity to meet you, learn about your practice, and potentially establish a professional relationship that is mutually beneficial.”

Note that referrals can go both ways.  You may have clients who need their professional services, so CPAs and attorneys do have a motivation for getting to know you beyond being a resource for their clients.

Concept Application

Charles sets aside one day each week for meeting with other professionals.  He has found he can fit in as many as four appointments – breakfast, mid-morning, lunch and late afternoon.

For his first appointment with any professional, Charles has two goals: to build trust and to set himself up as a valuable resource for his referral source.  In future appointments Charles strives to differentiate himself from other financial advisors. One strategy is to provide valuable information on timely financial topics that may be relevant to the professional’s clients.  He positions himself as an educational resource.

It’s important to mention too, that Charles never relies on phone calls or e-mail other than for setting up in-person meetings.  You can’t take shortcuts in building a solid relationship with a professional referral source.

Take Action

Go online and make a list of 10 CPAs operating in your area.  Now do the same for attorneys.  Call all 20 professionals this week.  Introduce yourself and shoot to get at least 5 appointments.  Now you’re on your way to building your professional network.

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