Avoid Cold Calling with the Technique

When building your practice, your best prospects are people you already know. They’re far more receptive to your message than someone you cold call. But how do you get to know the right people?

You need to put yourself in situations where you have access to people with money. Hang out where they hang out. Do the things they do. Over time, you will establish relationships in which people come to know you and trust you.

Concept Application

Sam is a financial advisor with almost 20 years in the business. He credits much of his success to his “right place, right people” technique.

“When I started my business, I put in many hours cold-calling. Once I had a client base, I could afford to put myself in a position to meet wealthy people. I joined a good country club and sought out opportunities to network with other members.

“Rich guys in my market like to play golf and fly-fish, so I developed an interest in those pastimes too. I made sure my activities outside of work aligned me with wealthy people who were good prospects for my services.

“The key is to be at the right places with the right people and to be someone those people want to be around. Start building relationships and soon you’ll find ways to transition your social contacts into business connections that build your practice without cold-calling.”

Take Action

Think of at least one way you can put yourself in “the right place,” keeping in mind that your success will depend on long-term, active involvement. Here are a few ideas:

  • Explore a special interest like Sam’s golf and fly-fishing.
  • Volunteer at a non-profit organization like the United Way or YMCA.
  • Become active in a church or temple in an upscale neighborhood.
  • Join a service group like the Rotary Club or Lions Club.

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