Wealth Management

Altius Learning has built its wealth management training module on interviews with many of the most successful advisors in the industry. We understand what these “best practice” financial advisors do to distinguish themselves from others, and believe they represent the gold standard for wealth management. Our interviews, research, and experience clearly point to a correlation between the best wealth managers and the best asset-gathers. In this session, our team has incorporated many interviews and real-time experience with some of the best wealth managers and thought-leaders in our industry. The session will incorporate these best practices with proven tactics from Dave Mullen books, The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice and The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor. This two-hour training session is for experienced advisors, and is designed to provide the specific tactics and processes that focus specifically on “how” the best advisors execute a successful wealth management practice. Altius Learning has identified six cornerstones which are key to the execution of a successful wealth management practice. This session, facilitated by an Altius Learning principal, is designed to assist an advisor in developing a specific action plan that will help with the implementation of the following principles.

Establishing trust. There are three components of trust that form the basis of the best relationships between the advisor and their clients. These components include:

  • Technical competence: How well do you know what you are doing?
  • Character and ethical: Are you going to do the right thing for me?
  • Empathic skills: Can I trust you to understand me and relate to me?

Discovery. The most-successful advisors are committed to going through a deep discovery process before making any recommendations. Understanding the client’s long-term goals, current situation, and risk tolerance is the basis from which the investment strategy is built. We provide the financial advisor with a clear understanding of the power of discovery and the tools to execute the process.

Goals Based investing. This cornerstone helps the participants understand the difference between goals based vs risk based investing. A goals based approach lays the foundation for a financial planning framework that identifies client resources, gathers their current information and financial picture, and then allows the discussion of wealth and planning strategies to address clients’ goals.

Investment strategy. Goals based investment strategies are the cornerstone of every successful advisor we have interviewed. These advisors are process-oriented and have a proven investment discipline, that has performed well. Asset allocation decisions are at the heart of each client’s investment strategy.

Performance monitoring, and reporting. This cornerstone discussion features best practices from top advisors on how they prepare for and incorporate firm reporting tools and resources into a review process that creates an informed and consistent client experience. A systematic and thorough review process fulfills client expectations around communication and increases client satisfaction which sets the stage for driving referrals.

Value proposition. Developing and delivering a strong unique value proposition (UVP) is the centerpiece on which a financial services practice is built. The value proposition is the foundation on which the wealth management process is based. It also is a key component of the asset-gathering and client-acquisition strategies. In this module, we demonstrate to the advisor why the UVP is so important and how to construct one.