Build A Smarter, Better Practice

A million dollar financial services practice is built on a strong foundation: the first milestone in this journey is managing client assets of at least $25 million, serving 25+ clients, with each having a minimum of $250,000 in assets. The reality in our industry is only 25% to 30% of all financial advisors make it past the first two years. The challenge is most advisors are simply unable to create the foundation needed to build a successful financial services practice. In our experience of hiring, training and coaching new advisors, we have identified 7 essential factors new advisors must master. These factors provide the necessary foundation for building a million dollar plus practice.


Customized MDF Approach

This training segment is for Financial Advisors in their first or second year of building a practice. The training provides new advisors with the tactical processes required to build the foundation for a successful financial services practice. Topics covered include: vision, motivation, goal setting, market action plans, setting appointments with affluent prospects, conducting successful prospect meetings, converting prospects to clients, wealth management and time management. This program consists of a full-day workshop session followed by three+ months of coaching calls. The training concepts are based on the book, The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice.

Elements Of The Million Dollar Foundation Immersion System

Objective: Increase your productivity by integrating the components of The Million Dollar Foundation into your practice.

MDF Workshop: A one-day interactive workshop that presents The Million Dollar Foundation strategies for achieving maximum performance and productivity.

Methods: A combination of a group training workshop followed by three+ months of coaching sessions. Coaching is focused on the implementation and execution of the Seven Million Dollar Foundation strategies.

Workshop Size: 16-24 motivated financial advisors.


Why The Million Dollar Foundation Immersion System is Different

Advisors succeed when there is consistent execution of The Million Dollar Foundation fundamentals. At Altius, we understand the process. Our Million Dollar Foundation Immersion System is different because we keep Advisors focused on the basics. Our MDF training system is designed to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

7 Essential Factors Of The Million Dollar Foundation

1| Vision: Advisors must visualize what is required to build the foundation for a million-dollar practice. Our training provides new advisors with a proven blueprint to channel their talent, motivation and energy into creating a highly productive practice.

2| Motivation: We deliver the tools needed to deal with the inevitable rejection that occurs when building a new financial services practice. The right mindset coupled with deep motivation is essential to building a successful practice.

3| Goals: The foundation for a million-dollar practice, requires the right infrastructure. This includes the right combination of affluent clients, assets, velocity rate and prospects. We demonstrate how monthly and annual goals provide a time-line for building a million-dollar plus practice.

4| Prospect to Client: Prospects are a financial advisor’s future clients. In this segment we show you how to convert prospects to clients. Most clients are under-served by their current advisor, we position the new advisor to take advantage of this fact. We focus on the tactics required to build and maintain a strong pipeline of prospects.

5| Market Action Plans: This segment shows advisors how to develop five market plans. This includes, creating scripts,
obtaining qualified names, and the approach to be used.

6| Getting Appointments with Affluent Clients: The most important attribute an advisor can offer a prospect is trust. Building trust with affluent individuals begins with an initial face-to-face meeting. Our process has three essential components which will increase the contact-to-appointment ratio.

7| Conducting Successful Appointments: We provide the four objectives advisors should use to get the most out of every appointment. We focus on asking the right questions to build rapport and gather information to obtain the second appointment.