Elevation Series

3 Compelling Sessions

Our Elevation Series consists of three information-packed, two-hour sessions. Each session covers different material with no overlap, yet all have a common thread: how to gather more client assets. They’re spaced one to two months apart to allow you to progressively implement techniques learned. The information comes from top financial advisors in the industry. It was obtained through interviews, observations and shared best practices and then boiled down into easy-to implement tactical steps. The sessions are:

Business Development

The right activities lead to business growth. Learn proven acquisition strategies used by top producers including how to:

  • Create the right mindset for success
  • Combine the right mental approach with winning tactics
  • Build a referral system from personal acquaintances and existing clients
  • Establish a professional referral network with accountants and attorneys
  • Employ a 4-step process to leverage a successful niche-marketing plan
  • Implement a non-profit leadership strategy to gain access to affluent individuals
  • Apply proven strategies for transitioning personal relationships into clients
  • Employ a 4-step process to acquire your current clients’ assets held away
  • Initiate an event-marketing process as a lead-generating activity
  • Construct a pipeline of 50 quality prospects to generate 10 new clients annually

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Business Management

This session will help you gain insights into building a highly productive, process-based business like those operated by the most successful advisors in the industry. With a focus on “how to” rather than the theory of effective practice management, you’ll learn to:

  • Develop a business plan to reach your short- and long-term goals
  • Learn the 4 levers needed to reach your full potential
  • Harness the power of setting and attaining goals
  • Employ the biggest growth lever: a client segmentation strategy
  • Become a highly effective time manager
  • Refine your service model to turn your clients into raving fans
  • Transform your practice from a reactive to a proactive model
  • Increase your Return on Assets
  • Bring scale to your practice through processes
  • Develop a world-class team
  • Determine how to apply retained earnings to grow your business

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Wealth Management

In this training session, we outline the Five Cornerstones of a world-class wealth management practice. These are the principles used by top advisors. We also  provide specific standards and benchmarks that allow you to quantify the value you deliver to your clients and cultivate their loyalty. You’ll learn to:

  • Examine the 3 components of trust that form the basis of solid client-advisor relationships
  • Use a deep discovery process to determine your client’s true objectives
  • Increase your sphere of influence in the client’s financial decision-making process and grow your assets under management as a result
  • Employ 5 tools for implementing a goals-based approach to wealth management
  • Identify the 7 characteristics common to top advisors’ investment process
  • Conduct client reviews that gather important feedback
  • Find meaningful ways to demonstrate a commitment to your client’s success
  • Master the Five Cornerstones and use them to reinforce your unique value proposition
  • Develop a client-centered practice that fosters loyalty
  • Position your business for unlimited, long-term success

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