Our Research

Source of Data for Altius Learning Training

The foundation of the database and research begins with our experience in directly working with some of the most successful financial advisors in the industry for the past 30 years. Many of our training concepts come from direct working experience with these highly successful advisors. The observations and insights that can only come from hiring, developing, observing, mentoring, and working side by side with these advisors for the past 30 years is invaluable.

In addition to this “real-time” collection of data and information, hundreds of pages of transcribed recorded interviews have been used in developing Altius Learning’s training content. The quality of this research is unparalleled because of the access we have had to many of the most-successful financial advisors in the industry and our personal relationships with these advisors. The best research on practice management is based on the actual practices of highly successful advisors, and that is the hallmark of Altius Learning Training. The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice and The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor books are the foundation of our training. They are the culmination of decades of real experience in working with top advisors, and drawing from interviews with many of the industry’s very best.

The Altius Learning database, which includes sources of information and research, has been greatly expanded by the experience of the Altius Learning Team, who are among the most tenured and highly respected leaders in the industry. Collectively, we have hired, trained, developed, observed, and worked directly with hundreds of million-dollar-plus advisors. Their input and experience has made a significant contribution to our training of financial advisors at all levels.