The Group Coaching Solution

The Group Coaching Solution

Altius Group Coaching is ideal for advisors who are in the early stages of their career and want to break away from the pack. It can also benefit more experienced advisors who need a catalyst for improvement and desire the economic benefit of group coaching. Your office would be responsible to bring together small groups of four to six advisors who share similar career profile characteristics and who have a desire to achieve a higher level of performance.

While the Group Coaching Solution is designed as a standalone program, many financial advisors who have attended our training programs find Group Coaching is a way to reinforce tactics learned; refine their business strategies and learn from other wealth management professionals.

The Program

The coaching sessions cover two dozen topics and are based on the 13 Success Principles common to successful advisors. These topics fall under three broad categories: Business Development; Business Management and Wealth Management. The sessions are held once a month via 90-minute conference calls. Participants generally interact with their coach during the month via email. One-on-one conversations are also available to discuss unique opportunities.

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