Coach’s Corner with Dave Mullen: Hiring

Team Best Practices: Hiring

When is it time to add someone new to your team? Dave Mullen, the founding partner of Altius Learning offers tips on deciding when to hire an additional person for your practice. Hiring is one of our seven identified Team Best Practices. This video provides an exercise to assist you in determining if you need to delegate tasks or hire a new employee. Watch the video and then decide, where do you spend your time? $500/hour activities or $30/hour activities?

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  1. Scott A Critchfield says:

    Love the content and the guidance, Dave. I’ve passed it along to three of my Advisors who are struggling with the value of adding an assistant or a Jr. FA even after our 2017 Business Planning discussions.

    Nice to see the video included with the Coach’s Corners. Less “ums” and reshoot the parts where you sniffled (slight distraction from your message and could easily be done) if insert a visual with a voiceover. Lastly, I know you like to move when delivering a session, you need to work on standing relatively still. You were bobbing all over the screen left, right, back and forward. Took away from listening to your message and became more watching where you were going.

    Takeaway for you, if you ever watch an Oechsli video, he’s a maniac! Talks too fast, sounds like a car salesman. He’s hurried and rushes his message. Other than your bobbing/weaving, your message is level, even, delivered with calm conviction and with an expectation that “if you build it, they will come” mentality. Your speaking style has an enormous quiet energy which is evident in your message. You’re utilizing a new medium to deliver your experience now in 3-minute Zen-bites.

    The “ums” and movement aren’t deal-breakers, just tweaks to enhance your strengths. Continued success to you and the team.

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